Why in the world would you want to go there?

There are some places in the world that prompt that response.  My all-time favorite destination, hands down is the Peninsula of Antarctica.  And…there, you see…you just thought “why there”?  If you have not been to Antarctica then you have no way of knowing why anyone would possibly want to go there.  Having been to Antarctica…the answers – altho’ complex, are quite simple.  The scenery, the wildlife and the spiritual awakening to the magnitude of our planet will overwhelm you.  Antarctica is unlike any other destination on earth.  The overpowering realization is that you are only a tiny brief visitor to this spectacular yet hostile environment.  The only other possible experience might be to travel into space.  But since space travel is somewhat limited at this point, then Antarctica should be on everyone’s “bucket list” as our planet’s last great place.  The most common means of travel to this forbidden world is aboard an adventure cruise ship.  Don’t even think about those huge floating hotels/destinations as they would only be a sad distraction to the main feature.  Instead, find a small expedition ship or if you are really adventurous a yacht, and cruise/sail the Drake Passage to the Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.  Life will never be the same again.


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