Life is a Cabernet

It occurs to me that awhile back I would have never considered drinking red wine.  In fact, at parties or get-togethers I would turn my nose up at any pink or red colored liquid.  I was in fact a white wine snob…and to be precise only German Riesling from the Mosel River.  Having lived along the Mosel river for a couple of years it had become my beverage of choice for all occasions and even for no occasion at all.  Actually, after returning home to the States I would need to make an annual pilgrimage back to Germany and the fragrant banks of the Mosel just to replenish my private cache of the liquid gold.  The hardest part was trying to pack those 12-20 bottles in my suitcase and carry-on.  I have dated myself with the admission that you could actually carry liquor in your carry-on.  But the strain was all for gain….the soft, fruity and mellow sweetness of Mosel Spatlese  wine.

Charming Mosel town Bernkastel

As with everything there comes a few changes….my favorite vintner on the Mosel has passed on to the ever-ripe vineyards of heaven and I am sure the new owners have abandoned the “old recipe” in favor of mass production at the wine co-op in Bernkastel or Trier.  It is more difficult to transport wine in luggage….we all know that “drama in the skies”.  And good friends have patiently tempted me with promises of rich, red, well-rounded and “chewy” delectable red wines.

The first baby step began with a seemingly innocent label that promised white for red…the “white zinfandel”.  Everyone knows that zinfandel is a red wine – right? …but here is a white red wine.  That’s like saying white is the new black.  The journey has taken many twists and turns over several years and a few exploratory trips to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Provence to firmly graft the red to the white palate.  Don’t get me wrong I still love my German reisling…but now I can honestly say I love a good hearty red wine.

Hence, my first trip to California solely for wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma.  You can do just so much research on the internet and print media until finally you have to walk the trails and climb the hillsides to actually taste the wines.  I am headed to Napa Valley for my first beginner’s lesson in wine tasting.


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