So You Wanna Go To Georgia

As with any unique destination it takes a bit of planning and preparation for travel from the USA to Georgia located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  First and foremost for international travel you’ll need a passport but fortunately you won’t require a visa. Most countries surrounding Georgia do, so be sure to check the visa regulations for Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Be sure to check with the CDC to make sure you are up to date with vaccinations as well as the possibility of having to get extra ones. For travel to the southeast region you might check for malaria outbreaks. It’s always better to be up on all the required or suggested shots. There is nothing worse than getting sick during your trip.

Did I mention that traveling to Georgia is a bit of a hike? I plan to travel via Munich with a long layover. I’ve built in about 12 hours and will get a day room at one of the two hotels at the Munich airport – Novotel and Kempinski. There are other hotels and local German Gasthauses in a nearby village if you feel like leaving the airport complex. Many of them provide free airport shuttles. I prefer the long layover so that I can get horizontal and sleep before continuing on to Georgia. The flight departs at around 9pm and gets into Tbilisi, Georgia around 3am. The other flight option possible is on Turkish Airlines with a layover in Istanbul. Remember, if you want to spend any time in Istanbul you need a visa but you can buy them in the arrivals area of the airport. No matter how you slice it, travel time is upwards of 30 hours from the midwest.

I’m hoping to squeeze as much as possible into one checked bag and one backpack. Dress in Georgia is casual so that helps immensely. I’ll be back with more pre-planning details soon. Stay tuned.


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