New Country New Rules

Experiencing new destinations involves a little homework when it comes to rules of the road.  Oft times we inadvertently find ourselves trying to remove the proverbial foot from the  mouth by saying the wrong thing….or backing quietly out of a room or church realizing we are inappropriately dressed.  “Geez, if I had only read the “Etiquette Guide” for Georgia before leaving home I wouldn’t feel like such an idiot in this awkward mess I have just created”.  Fortunately I did manage to find a page on Georgian customs and etiquette to read.  It almost reads like “Miss Manners”….simple social graces go along way no matter where you are in the world.

Georgian wine and food

When visiting a host’s home for dinner feel free to bring a small gift such as flowers, chocolates or sugary treats. If you plan to bring flowers give an odd number of flowers. Even numbers are given for funerals.  Georgian hosts love to give toasts during a meal and sometimes they are lengthy so be prepared for multiple toasts.  If you are inspired or asked to give a toast be sure to use wine and not beer…beer is only used to toast the enemy!  For more specifics on different points of cultural etiquette note the link listed here for “Culture Crossing”.  You host country will appreciate you being aware of proper etiquette.

I am planning on carrying a few chocolate bars and candies to give to my hosts during the trip.  It is a small gift but I hope they enjoy the treats and remember my visit.


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