Ready….Set….I don’t think so….GO!

I must confess…it’s been awhile since I have traveled internationally.  Frequent travelers can relate to the almost packed bags standing ready at the call…with a separate set of toiletries and travel clothes that with only a few minor adjustments would suffice for just about anywhere in the world.  Something that I used to do almost every month and never got tired of… has now become a major event.  I feel like this is an entirely new experience.  So much has changed in just a few years.  This upcoming whirlwind tour to the Republic of Georgia has the adrenaline pumping and the questions flying! In order to get ready…maybe a little more background info….

This region of the world has so many legends and tales of antiquity that it’s more like reading a book of ancient explorers.  The countries surrounding Georgia (Eurasia) roll off your tongue like a litany of legends and fairy tales… Azerbaijan,  Armenia, Turkey, Russia….each one evoking visions of storybook characters with exotic sights and scenery.

Jason and the Argonauts, the Odyssey,  and the ancient Kingdom of Colchis heavily intertwined with the Ancient Greek gods long about the Late Bronze Age (15th to 8th century BC) which saw the development of the significant skill in smelting and casting of metals.  This began long before the skill was mastered in Europe.  This area is seriously OLD!

This is where Eastern Europe meets Western Asia and it is a narrow band of territory just slightly larger than the state of West Virginia.  The entire country has only about 4.6 million people.  Our state of South Carolina has 4.6 million inhabitants all by itself!

So, I am almost set….ah but not quite!  The TO DO list has a few more items to be crossed off and then…it’s out the door!

There is such a thrill of adventure in seeking out “foreign” soil, meeting new people and learning of they storied history and struggles.


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