Just when you thought…

Here we go!  I’ve read as much fine print as possible for this upcoming flight to the old world. I’ve made sure I have the right size carry-on …the domestic carrier allows 40 pounds…and I think ” great!”… I’ll never be able to carry anything that heavy anyway. Shoot, even a 40 pound bag of cat litter is beyond my grasp. Checking in was a breeze…and off I go to my international gateway.

As it turns out my connecting flight has foolishly frittered away an hour due to thunderstorms…so  I find myself madly racing thru the airport to check in for the international flight. And yes…checkin I must so they can verify my docs and weigh my carryon?!   …”Lady, I am sorry but your bag is overweight”!  What? “Internationally we only allow your carryon to be 9 kilos.”  It takes me a few seconds to register that this is a measly puny19 pounds. My makeup bag alone is 5 pounds! I can either check the bag to my final destination….or I can take stuff out and put it in my backpack.  Well, since I only packed my “absolute necessities” in there…and I have an 13 hr layover in Munich with a lovely day room…I simply cannot part with the carry-on and “my lifeline”…sohere I am at the gate trying basically to redistribute the load. This seems an odd predicament to me…what difference is it to carry the same weight in a different bag?

“They” don’t know it but “they” have royally screwed up my meticulously organized arrangement of clothes, snacks, sleeping gear, headset, tablet and other parphnalia.  Why, it will take me the entire trip now to find everything.  By then it will be time to pack for the return flight. 

Is it just me…or do you find yourself unconcerned about getting all those dirty clothes back home?  Just shove ’em in there!

I hear breakfast being prepared back in the galley so it must be getting close to rousing the natives. So, Munich we are soon to be on your doorstep!


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