Georgian Touchdown

Why do these flights arrive at 3:00 AM??  This is the middle of the night for heaven’s sake! We departed at 9:30pm from Munich for a 3.5 hrs flight to Tbilisi. It’s pitch black out there except for a glorious display of stars! 3:15am touchdown and its raining. The Lufthansa flight was jam packed and an unusual observation… there were maybe a dozen women who all seemed to be traveling together…loaded down with plastic shopping bags from the H&M department store. I am thinking these gals are coming from a shopping foray bringing home goodies most likely to be sold to friends and family. Hummm capitalism in its infantsy.

Tbilisi’s airport is small and clean. All the customs agents(women) were available, friendly and very efficient. The arrivals moved through quickly and then headed down to the baggage claim area. I noticed there were two other flight on the monitors – one from Istanbul and one from Minsk.

Now the telling tale…will my luggage arrive at the same destination as its owner? It was not long before I saw it spinning around on the belt. Sweet! To me this is one of the most vital components for a positive and pleasurable trip. Since I have not mastered the art of traveling out of my carryon….my checked bag is my second most important possession.

My hosts(more on them later) for this adventure were ready and waiting right outside the arrival hall. Within a few short minutes we were on the road to town…about a 20 minute ride. All along the route there were relics of a once vibrant community. A culture squashed by the heavy soviet hand. The varied architectural styles were most interesting with a mix of asian, european and arabic influences.

On arrival and checkin the instructions were to get some rest and meet around 2pm for an afternoon orientational tour. Tell me…how many folks do you know that having arrived at 03:00am at a completely new and foreign destination can even consider going to bed?  You are running on adrenaline and your body clock is so messed up that backwards is beginning to feel like forward!  Nonetheless the bed does look pretty inviting so it’s “lights out” an more to follow.


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