Barb Godwin – The Art of Fire

Barb Godwin – The Art of Pyrography

Born in Texas, I have always had a love of all things “wild” and expansive.  I have enjoyed nature in all of its forms and my avenues for enjoying it have been through extensive travels.  From the winding warrens of medieval villages in Europe and SE Asia, through vast African savannas, to the ultimate landscape and rarefied air of Antarctica sailing the high seas.  My adventures have heightened my love of all that is natural.

Art was second nature growing up.  By earning a degree in Art Education and History I was able to share and teach art to youngsters in grade school and middle school.  Art was my foundation and filter in viewing the world around me.  It heightened my awareness of the natural…and sometimes not so natural world.

I have explored many forms of art media including jewelry, ceramics, photography, wood carving and currently pyrography.  From each media I have gleaned valuable insights leading me to my next form of expression.  It’s only in my more mature presence that I am able to devote the time and patience to this very detailed art form. One needs to nurture and practice the awareness of seeing things as they really are and not just with a fleeting glimpse.  One should take time to be in the moment and explore all of the senses.

Pyrography presents a unique palate of earth tones applied with heat.  Long ago artisans would use glass or metal to reflect the sun’s rays for burning figures and images onto leather hides, wood and other surfaces. Today the tools are far more advanced with uniquely designed wire nibs using variable heat temperatures to create a multitude of details, textures and shadings.  I first used pyrography to add details to my woodcarvings but realized that I enjoyed “drawing” with heat to create unlimited textures, shading and depth without actually having to carve the wood.

My work has been shown in galleries, private collections and has received numerous awards.  I continue to hone my skills by attending various seminars and classes provided by leading professionals such as Julie Bender of Loveland, Colorado and Josh Guge of Elgin, Illinois.

For more information on my work and possible special commissioned works contact me via the contact form below.



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