Pyrography – The Art of Fire

A Burning Sensation

The art or skill of Pyrography (wood burning) has been around for centuries.  Possibly even the cavemen of France drew their stories on cave walls using burning sticks. If not burning then surely the charcoal was useful in their drawings. The word Pyrography can be sourced back to the Greeks….pur meaning fire and graphos meaning writing.

Today we are much more sophisticated with specialized pens and custom designed and created points(nibs) that are heated to a high temperature and then produce lines, tones and textures on a variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, gourds, leather and various other surfaces.  Over the years many of us were exposed to wood burning tools in day camps, scouts and other craft activities.

I began my explorations as an accompaniment to my wood carvings.  As I explored the medium with more “professional” help I found that I really enjoy the medium and what it can do for special subjects and unique applications.  As “fine art” goes, most consider this a “craft”.  However, I hope to change that concept as I continue to refine my work and subjects.  The monochromatic aspects of the medium lead to a skill of representing different shades, colors and textures in new ways.  There are a number of artists who will combine watercolor and acrylics to enhance their wood burning and in many cases that really enhances the subject matter.  At this point I want to concentrate on truly mastering the earthy monochromatic textures and shades before tackling the addition of color.

Currently my work is represented at Alpenglow Images Shop in Estes Park, Colorado and with collectors in Colorado.  I recently finished a special commission of an Austrian alpine ibex seen at the Trapp Brewery in Stowe, Vermont.  I also provide wolf/wolf dog portraits for W.O.L.F. sanctuary in Fort Collins, CO for auction at their annual fund-raiser.

My passion is to provide a window into the gentle nature of wildlife and the rural solitude of old farms and weathered landscapes.  If you are a nature lover, an animal lover and relish the outdoor vistas then PLEASE….. enjoy my works.




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