Travel has been the cornerstone of my life.  My professional life has been the gateway to the world.  It first began as a teacher living overseas in the Philippines and Germany.  I left teaching to pursue my travel career  and began  as an office manager for a local motorcoach tour company that offered motorcoach tours all over the country.  When we ran short on travel directors I was enlisted to hop on the motorcoach and travel with the passengers from one city to the next…always reading from the AAA or Mobil Travel books.  In major cities we would have “hop on city guides” to show us all the up close and personal highlights. On the long stretches of driving back we would pull out the bingo cards and play away the hours back home.  From there I moved on to the incentive travel industry creating travel programs for multitudes of corporate clients.  These were relatively short spurts – 4 nights Cancun, 3 nights Fort Lauderdale, 4 nights Scotsdale, 6 nights Vienna, etc…all expenses paid luxury trips for the company’s top producers.  From there  my journey expanded into the luxury escorted tour industry creating luxury trips all over the world.  These were the “top shelf” luxury safaris, cruises, Around the World on the Concorde and Private Jets, expedition trips to Antarctica, the Arctic and points beyond.  

You get the idea. Basically I am a travel junkie, a vagabond, a gypsy kinda person.  Any chance I get I’m on the road to a new destination or a favorite repeater… and now I have the time to write about these adventures.  So, sit back, relax and let me take you on a virtual journey!  Feel free to comment and ask questions along the way!


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