Fruits of a “Not so Different” Vine

If I were to say….Georgia(country not state) invented wine…what would you think?  In our “here and now” thoughts you’d probably jump to France…or possibly Italy.  If you really thought about it…didn’t the Romans have wine?  Oh, and don’t forget about Jesus changing the water into wine at that wedding.  With that in mind, it might … More Fruits of a “Not so Different” Vine

Georgian Milestones…..Did you know?

In this world of “Guinness World Records”  it seems that everyone, everyplace and everything must be a historical milestone.  History measured in firsts, biggest, highest, oldest….etc.  Well, Georgia has it’s fair share of amazing historical “Firsts, highest, oldest and foremosts” to joint the ranks of important “facts” of our world.   Let me name a few … More Georgian Milestones…..Did you know?

New Country New Rules

Experiencing new destinations involves a little homework when it comes to rules of the road.  Oft times we inadvertently find ourselves trying to remove the proverbial foot from the  mouth by saying the wrong thing….or backing quietly out of a room or church realizing we are inappropriately dressed.  “Geez, if I had only read the … More New Country New Rules